Dear friends,

The elves and I work hard to create Santa's Magical Kingdom each season and we look forward to hearing comments and stories about your visit. What's your favorite scene? Have any special memories you'd like to share with us? And yes, what do you want Santa to bring you on Christmas Eve?

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Here's what some of our past visitors have written to us...

I love your new Kringle's General Store! It's filled with lots of items I haven't seen anywhere else and I was pleasantly surprised by your prices. I saved so much on Christmas gifts, it easily paid my way through your beautiful light display.

C. Miller, Ballwin MO

Dear Santa I live far away but every year my family and I come to see all your lights when we stay at Grandmas house. It's my favorite thing to do when we come to visit Grandma. We take pictures and laugh at all the funny stuff we see. Grandma says your elves work very hard to make it so pretty. Tell them thank you. Mom helped me write this because she loves to drive through all the lights too!

Love, Melissa

To all the hard working elves at Santa's Magical Kingdom: Many thanks to everyone there who clearly works so hard to make this holiday event possible every year. There's no other display anywhere that compares at all to what you create. It's so beautiful and yet whimsical at the same time. One of the elves told us that they build it especially with kids in mind and I believe it because it's so delightfully magical. We always visit on Christmas Eve and appreciate the spirit of the workers who give up their family time to make our family time so special. Everyone has a smile. It's wonderful to see. We started coming there when our kids were little and now they have kids of their own that we bring every year. It's always the highlight of the season for us. A big hug and thanks from our family to all of the Santa's Helpers at your place.

Happy Holidays! Roberta Schwartz

HO HO HO It wouldn't be Christmas without a trip through Santa's Magical Kingdom! It's the best light display anywhere x2. The elves really out did themselves this year. Keep up the good work and we'll see you again next year.

Sincerely, Jason Patterson, Creve Coeur, MO

To whom it may concern at Santa's Magical Kingdom Thank you giving our family something so sweet and wholesome to enjoy together that doesn't cost much to do. I'm so glad that you included a Nativity scene along with everything else. I read in an interview that you did it to give parents a chance to discuss the real meaning of Christmas with their children if they choose to do so. We choose! We also stayed at Jellystone Park this summer and had a wonderful time. Again, without spending a fortune. All these years I've driven though the lights but I had no idea you offered so much to do there in the summer. We'll be back summer and winter!

Marsha and Tom Billiings (+ Nate, Emily, & Kevin)

Dear Santa This is our 2nd trip through your magical kingdom this year already and I just had to leave you a letter in your mailbox when the kids put in theirs. We're bringing my sister's family when she visits next week - we've got a wagon ride planned. Last year we rode the Santa Train and the kids talked about it for weeks. They were absolutely thrilled. The lights are truly spectacular but personally, I'd like to meet the elf that thinks up all the funny displays. Every time we go through I see something I've never noticed before. Thanks for the memories!

Chris Walker, Chesterfield

Dear Santa I'm 9 years old. I get straight A's in school and I still believe in you no matter what my stupid brother says. I visit and wave to you every year at your place. Do the Santa helpers get hungrey putting up all those lights? Dad says Yogi and Booboo help too. How do you get all the lights to move like that? I love to visit you and I will be back again soon.
PS: Mom said if I did really good in school you would bring me something special. I hope you can find my house ok.

Love from Rhonda Walker

Hi Santa! My mom and dad took us on a train ride last night and mom said I should writ to tell you how much fun we had at your place. My little brother said there was a millionzillion lights and I said he would make a good TV ad. He got so happy when he saw the reendeer that jumped in the sky. I liked the big gingerbread house the best but it made me hungry so I ate one of your chocalate chip cookies and it was soooo good! The hot chocalate was really good and made me warm on the train ride. It was my most favrite nite in forever. Your friend forever


Hey Santa You and your elves are the best light hangers ever! Seriously, our family comes through every year and I'm always amazed by what I see. As an amateur holiday yard decorator, I find that Santa's Magical Kingdom is THE place to visit for inspiration. By far the most awesome display in St. Louis and anywhere else I'm sure. Just wanted to let you know that even a "big kid" like me gets excited when we drive through. Thanks for doing what you do. It's a great thing for families. Our kids love it. I wish there were more things like this we could do for less than $20 bucks!

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